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Source: New Zealand Treasury:

Following publication of the 2020 Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update on Wednesday 16 September, the Treasury identified that the printed booklets provided at briefings to members of Parliament, media and analysts were misprinted. The printed document reflected the official forecasts in Treasury’s finalised database, but was a penultimate version that did not incorporate final proofreading changes.

The PREFU documents published on the Treasury’s website, and provided electronically to members of Parliament, media and analysts, are correct, accurate and the final version.

The Treasury has received a formal acknowledgement and apology from the printer for not printing the final version approved by the Treasury.

The Treasury has communicated with all those who received misprinted booklets to make them aware of the error and to replace the printed document with the correct version.

The Treasury acknowledges responsibility and apologises for the error.

Here is the link to the 2020 PREFU on the Treasury website:

Last updated: 

Thursday, 17 September 2020