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Source: Auckland Council

A new programme will help educate Eden Terrace businesses about their impact on local waterways. 

The Industrial Pollution Prevention Programme, funded by the Waitematā Local Board, will advise businesses in the suburb on improved practices to reduce the risk of waterway pollution.

Although it’s the city’s second smallest suburb, Eden Terrace hosts a variety of businesses including retail shops and fitness centres; but the programme will have a particular focus on hospitality and industrial businesses in the area.

Staff from Auckland Council will visit the businesses to discuss potential issues around waterway pollution and to provide waste minimisation advice and spill training.

If changes to business practice are identified to improve waterway protection, recommendations will be developed for the business followed by a check-in to see how they are doing. 

Local board chair Richard Northey says the ultimate vision of the programme is for healthy, thriving freshwater systems.

“If we can support local businesses to be aware of, and to mitigate, their impact on waterways, we’ll go a long way towards protecting our freshwater and improving aquatic ecosystems.

The board’s Environment and Infrastructure portfolio holder, Julie Sandilands, says she hopes businesses will feel a sense of ownership towards their local waterways. 

“We want to create a feeling of collective responsibility for the protection of these waterways. 

“The programme also reflects our local board’s on-going commitment to combating climate change and supporting community climate action.”