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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains a news story about the progress being made on repairing storm-damaged walking tracks in our district, and some estimated times for when tracks will be ready to open again.

Updated: 2/09/2020 10:24 a.m.

​The massive clean-up and repair of storm damage to our District’s walking tracks is continuing. Most tracks are now open, although some tracks are still a few weeks off being fixed.

Unfortunately, ongoing patches of heavy rain over the past month has not helped things for workers trying to repair the damage.

“We’ve still got a big job ahead of us,” says Parks Technical Officer Stuart Jackson. “Our contractors are working flat-out and we are trying to reopen these remaining tracks as quickly as we can.”

The storm caused at least $8 million in damage to our District’s infrastructure.

Parihaka Scenic Reserve, the AH Reed Kauri Park and the Coronation Reserve in Western Hills were among the worst hit tracks in the storm.

For people wanting some hill walking, the Dobbie Track to the Parihaka summit track is open and the Frank Holman track (the Russell Road end of the Quarry Garden link) are both open.


​Drummond Track ​Parihaka ​October 2020
​Ross Track ​Parihaka ​November 2020
​Mair Park to Whareora Road ​Hātea Walkway ​October 2020
​Whangarei Falls to AH Reed ​Hātea Walkway ​November 2020
​Mackesy Bush ​Hātea Walkway ​October 2020
​Quarry Garden Link, Selwyn Avenue Link (Craft Quarry) ​Coronation Reserve ​December 2020
​Alexander Track ​AH Reed Kauri Park ​TBC 2021
​Whananaki Coastal Walkway ​Whananaki ​October 2020

With warmer weather on the way it’s a great time to get out and explore nature on one of our walking tracks. Most tracks have now reopened following the July storm.

Hatea Loop: lighting

Night-time and early morning Loop users may have noticed that some of the lights that normally brighten their way are not working.

During the storm of July 17, water got into the electrical cabinets that run the lights and caused extensive damage.

The damage has been challenging to repair and there is an intermittent fault that is causing the lights to fail from time to time. 

We are working with Northpower to find and fix the fault.