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Source: Auckland Council

A project to replace slippery pavers in Avondale Town centre will be modified so it can continue, Whau Local Board has decided.

In 2019, the board agreed to replace the paving and upgrade the streetscape in the town centre at a cost of $1.8 million.

During the planning process in early 2020, it was updated to also include new street lighting, but the entire project was put in doubt because of a reduction in funding following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent Emergency Budget.

Modified project

At its August business meeting, the board agreed to modify the project to focus on replacing the slippery paving in a sizeable portion of the town centre for a reduced budget of $520,000. The board will provide $220,000 to the project with the balance coming from Auckland Transport.

Kay Thomas, Chair of the board, says that despite the reduction in budget, the board was determined to ensure that the pavers could be made safe.

“The existing pavers have long been a source of frustration for the community, as they are hazardous and slippery when wet.

“The original project, which would have been new paving, a new streetscape and upgraded lighting would have been the ideal solution, but the reality of the times we live in meant that the budget simply would not allow for that to happen in the near future.


“We worked hard to find a resolution to this issue with Auckland Transport. We wanted the pavers to be replaced at the very least, and we know the Avondale community has shared that desire for a long time.

“By redirecting parts of our budget into this project, and by AT being willing to help us find solutions to the issue, we have ensured that a critical part of this project can go ahead. We hope that funding will enable the remainder of the pavers to be replaced next year.

“We are all pleased that some of the shopping area will be made safer for pedestrians and look forward to the project continuing along the rest of Great North Road.


“One of the key aspects of the project will be to consult with the Business Association and affected businesses to get the best outcome possible for everyone.

“I would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding and look forward to this important piece of work getting underway.”