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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Births and deaths: Year ended June 2020

17 August 2020

Births and deaths releases provide statistics on the number of births and deaths registered in New Zealand, and selected fertility and mortality rates.

Key facts


  • There were 58,500 live births to New Zealand resident mothers registered in the year ended June 2020, similar to the 58,400 in the year ended June 2019.


For the year ended June 2020:

  • 33,990 deaths were registered in New Zealand, an increase of 250 (0.7 percent) from the June 2019 year.
  • Of these, 33,810 were deaths of New Zealand residents, and 180 were deaths of people visiting New Zealand (overseas residents).
  • The annual increase continues the gradual trend of more deaths. The trend does not necessarily reflect increasing rates of death, but reflects the growing New Zealand population and an ageing population (more people in the older age groups, where most deaths occur, in both absolute numbers and relative proportions).
  • Male deaths totalled 17,540 and female deaths 16,450.
  • Nine in ten deaths occurred at ages 55 years and over, and two-thirds occurred at ages 70–94 years.
  • The number of deaths by major ethnic group were:
    • European 27,310
    • Māori 4,220
    • Asian 1,450
    • Pacific 1,520.
    • People with multiple ethnicities are included in all the level 1 ethnic groups reported.