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Source: Auckland Council

Kerbside rubbish and recycling are continuing as normal, but you can still take steps to reduce your waste and save money.

Consider composting

Keeping food waste out of landfill is one of the single biggest climate change interventions an individual can make. That’s why more and more Aucklanders are starting to compost at home.  Right now is a great time to learn about the different methods and prepare your household for the change. You can chat with the facilitators of free composting workshops or watch videos online.

Make a small change, meal planning

Kiwi families might be finding themselves with odd ingredients or trying to stretch the time between trips to the grocery store during COVID-19.

The free Easy Choice cookbook is full of recipes that will please the whole family on any budget, and the latest Autumn edition uses a great mix of long-life ingredients – perfect for all those tins and dried foods in the cupboard. You can feed a family of six for around $60 a week using this meal plan.

Auckland Council has teamed up with Love Food Hate Waste to provide these practical steps to help save money and reduce food waste.