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Source: Taxpayers Union

 Awkward questions for Andy Foster
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has some serious questions for Wellington’s Mayor after Andy Foster performed a spectacular U-turn overnight, all at the ratepayers’ expense.Union spokesperson Jordan Williams says: “Twenty-four hours ago His Worship was insistent that Wellington City Councillors should not comment on their personal preferences for the Library rebuild. He took legal advice and emailed councillors explaining his ban. This is despite having opinions on major infrastructure projects being a core role of a city councillor.”“Then, suddenly, Mr Foster issued a joint statement with Councillor Fleur Fitzsimons claiming Foster’s email was the result of ‘a series of misunderstandings.’ They stated ‘clearly, elected members are free to express their views about what is in the best interests of Wellington.’”The Taxpayers’ Union has some awkward questions for Mayor Andy Foster:“What misunderstandings could possibly lead to the city’s leader saying the exact opposite of what he now apparently believes, twice?”“If it is ‘clear’ that councillors should be allowed to comment on projects, why did he commission legal advice on the issue at the ratepayers’ expense?”“If the legal advice was that councillors should not comment publicly, what exactly has changed since the advice was received?”“If it is ‘clear’ that councillors should be allowed to comment on projects, why did he twice urge councillors not to comment?”“Does he agree with the esteemed law professor Dean Knight that ‘the library strengthening project was ‘city-shaping stuff’ which people would expect elected members to have rich and vigorous views on?’”“Will he pay for what now seems to be incorrect legal advice out of his own pocket, rather than forcing ratepayers to fund his doomed campaign?”