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Source: Taxpayers Union

He’s green, he’s hairy, and he’s coming for your kids
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is warning politicians on the 2020 campaign trail to watch themselves – because the Debt Monster is looming over them.The Debt Monster has arrived on New Zealand’s shores in the wake of the Government’s COVID-19 spend-up, and will stalk politicians of all stripes as they campaign across the country. Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “He may look cuddly, but the Debt Monster not a friend. He loves it when politicians spend big with borrowed money – and he knows perfectly well that it’s New Zealand’s kids who will pay the price.” “So far, Government debt is forecast to peak at $109,000 per household in 2024. As if that wasn’t scary enough, we now face two months of electioneering, in which political parties will bribe voters with new spending promises, driving up debt even higher.” “We hope that the Debt Monster will serve as a reminder to politicians – and voters – that today’s promises are paid for by tomorrow’s taxpayers, with interest.” The Debt Monster has already been spotted at New Zealand First’s campaign launch in Auckland yesterday, and at the Green Party’s policy launch in Wellington the weekend prior.