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Source: Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

20 Jul, 2020

Vivian’s story was brought to life in the form of a graphic novel illustrated by AUT Dr Tatiana Tavares.

A creative collaboration between Art and Design lecturers Dr Tatiana Tavares and Dr Marcos Mortensen Steagall and University of Auckland’s nursing department has given palliative care research data a new life.

Vivian is a graphic novel about the intersections between gender and palliative care.

The story was inspired by Māori purāku, a traditional form of Māori narrative that serve as a vehicle for teaching and learning. While Vivian is no woman’s particular story, she represents how gender can affect every woman.

Vivian was originally a monologue written by University of Auckland Professor Merryn Gott and her team. Merryn worked with Tatiana to turn Vivian into a graphic novel instead. Tatiana created the illustrations and Marcos shot the photos on site here at AUT studios.

Tatiana says, “Working on Vivian was very interesting for me. I love how different ways of storytelling can bring the emotional and human side of the research data to the forefront so audiences can understand what it all means.”

“There is plenty of room for designers and health professionals to collaborate together for good.”

Vivian is part of an upcoming article in Palliative Care and Social Practice titled Gender and Palliative Care: A Call to Arms.

See below for some pictures from Vivian.

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