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The Public Service Association, New Zealand’s largest union, will soon launch its 2020 election campaign.
Campaign Launch: Let’s Do Even BETTER
We would love you to join us for the launch of our Let’s Do Even BETTER campaign and the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment.
We will be holding the launch on 23rd July at the LOT 23 Studios, 23 Minnie St, Eden Tce. Doors will open at 5.30pm with the launch starting at 6.25pm, with parking available. Light refreshments will be provided and we should be finished by 7.30pm.
July 23, 2020 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm
LOT 23 Studios, 23 Minnie St, Eden Tce
What is the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment and why does it matter?
The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that when New Zealanders pull together we can achieve amazing things. It revealed that anyone can need help at any time, and that deep inequalities mean the most vulnerable are impacted the hardest.
This is why this election is so important. We don’t want the usual rhetoric from politicians saying “let’s rebuild” or “we make things happen” – we want something even better. This is why our 2020 election campaign is called Let’s Do Even BETTER and why we will be campaigning for the Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment.
The Aotearoa Wellbeing Commitment is a new way of making sure all New Zealanders are cared for, regardless of how much money is in our pockets. It is a collection of public services that allow all New Zealanders to live a happy and healthy life. These include healthcare, education, housing, income support, public transport and internet – which form our essential social infrastructure.
We believe these are services we shouldn’t have to pay for, but should be invested in by governments to provide a wellbeing foundation for all New Zealanders. These services will be responsive to the needs of users, and designed by both the users AND the front-line workers that help deliver them.
This is an exciting idea that allows us to challenge politicians to think bigger while putting community and public services at the heart of rebuilding better.