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Source: Taxpayers Union

Auckland National Party join hands with Phil Goff to hike Council taxes
The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the National Party’s local offshoot ‘C & R’ leader Desley Simpson for joining hands with Phil Goff to hike Council taxes by 3.5% in the middle of a pandemic.Jordan Williams, a Spokesman in Auckland said:“Auckland Council are trying to hose down ratepayer anger with a pathetic excuse that this is about fixing water infrastructure. But that’s not where the money is going. This year’s budget increases operating – business as usual – expenditure by 5%. That’s not cutting back. This budget even increases the budget for the Council’s payroll.”“Thanks to this budget, the only people getting pay rises this year are those who work for Auckland Council.”“The National Party claims it’s the party of tax restraint. But despite chairing the Finance Committee, it’s worked with Phil Goff to hike taxes. Shameful.”