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Source: BusinessNZ

A successful high-quality free trade agreement (FTA) between New Zealand and the UK would reduce barriers and give both economies a much-needed boost, ExportNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard says.
“This could be very positive for our exporters as well as UK exporters in the face of significant economic uncertainty.”
Ms Beard says New Zealand has an important and long-standing relationship with the UK based on our shared history, common values and interests, and ongoing cooperation at all levels of government.
“New Zealand and the UK have close connections in a range of areas including trade, investment and commercial ties, and in science and technology.”
Ms Beard says ExportNZ has long advocated for an FTA with the UK, which is New Zealand’s sixth-largest trading partner, fourth biggest agri-food export destination and fifth-biggest source of investment.
“The UK also offers a high-value market for sophisticated niche manufactured products such as agri-tech and medical devices.
“I expect to see gains in both economies if we can work together to build new global value chains serving markets around the world.
“Moreover, the FTA will achieve greater cross-border investment, improving productivity and innovation and potentially creating new jobs.”