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Source: World Wildlife Fund

Today, the Trump administration put forward an executive order instructing agencies to waive longstanding environmental laws to speed up federal approval for projects such as new mines, highways and pipelines. In response to today’s announcement, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) issued the following statement from Ginette Hemley, senior vice president, wildlife conservation:

“The administration’s sweeping Executive Order disregards environmental and public health protections and denies public input in order to fast-track approval of controversial development projects that could threaten our air, water, and wildlife.

“The impact will be felt across our nation including in Alaska, where rushing to sidestep fundamental laws may jeopardize valuable wildlife and communities in places like Bristol Bay.

“This announcement comes as the world is in the midst of a pandemic that has driven home the essential connections between environmental health and human health, particularly for the most vulnerable communities.

“The current crisis should not be used as cover for rolling back environmental laws and safeguards designed to protect the American people and ensure their voices are heard. If anything, these protections are more important now than ever. They need to be upheld.”