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Source: University of Canterbury – statements

We understand given the latest announcements from universities about their different approaches to grading, that students at the University of Canterbury are concerned about how their course grades will be impacted because of Covid-19. It is, and has been from the start, our intention to treat UC students compassionately with regards to assessment. That is, everyone was and will continue to be, for the remainder of S1, considered to be impacted by COVID-19.

We recognise that the impacts of COVID-19 have been wide ranging and that students have been impacted in many different ways. In order to address concerns about online assessment, assessment items were adjusted, flexibility was offered in timing and we adapted how assessments were delivered. Even with these allowances, we recognise that your performance may still be impacted in unintended ways.

UC will continue to consider every student as being impacted by COVID-19 during S1 2020, this has and will continue to be taken into account and you do not need to do anything more unless you have been significantly impacted. If you are significantly impacted by COVID-19 then you should apply for Special Consideration (click here).

These are the key areas that we are focused on to help you achieve your best during these times:

Consideration processes simplified – A streamlined special consideration process is in place to make it easy to apply for those who have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 circumstances

Assessment reviews in place – A review of the grades for all assessments in Semester 1 will be completed.  Based on that data we can make grade adjustments if these are necessary and fair to all students under the circumstances.

Reach out for support – there are support services, academic support, examination spaces on campus, library facilities on campus and online (including printing) here to help you. Please speak with your course co-ordinator about extensions and flexibility to meet your circumstances.

Expectations of excellence – The integrity of a UC degree is paramount. We have a responsibility to ensure that students meet the learning outcomes for their qualification. Accrediting bodies rightly expect us to graduate students that are competent with a certain set of skills and knowledge. Our teaching staff are working to ensure this happens.

Finally, to specifically address questions about scaling and grades. Our examiners meetings will review results of all assessments against historical cohort results. Scaling of grades will be applied where it advantages the students (i.e. your grades will not go down) and is not limited to a 5% increase in grade.

UC staff will continue to work with students to ensure their reach the best possible outcomes for your studies in Semester 1 2020, and for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.