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Heightened Hygiene Standards with the use of UVC (Ultraviolet C) Technology
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 8 May 2020 – Aeroline, the coach company known for its double decker buses and luxury on-ground travel, today pioneers a new process in safety and sanitisation in Malaysia with the use of UVC technology in its coaches. 

Before and after every trip, Aeroline added the additional process of sanitising and sterilising its buses with UVC rays that effectively kill germs and viruses on surfaces including high-contact point areas, bus seats, on-board amenities, toilets, door knobs, railings, hidden nooks and corners.  UVC light is scientifically proven to kill Coronavirus including SARS, MERS and H1N1 on surfaces. Most recently, the Department of Homeland Security USA has released conclusive research that UV from sunlight can inactivate Coronavirus effectively.  Globally, UVC is widely use to sanitise hospitals, hotel kitchens, food processing facilities, and now for the first time in the bus industry, Aeroline uses UVC to sanitise all internal surfaces and cabin air.

Aeroline engineers have installed a different UVC air sanitising system into the air conditioning ducts so that the cabin air is constantly disinfected even while the bus is operational with passengers on board.

“Aeroline is fully committed to its passengers and cabin crew’s health and safety.  While the MCO was mandated a month ago, we began putting in place additional safety and sanitisation measures to ensure that our buses are ready to better serve our customers once MCO is lifted.  As a bus operator, we play a serious role in mitigating the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and in ensuring the peace of mind of our passengers when they are aboard our buses,” said Law Cheok Gheen, Chief Executive Officer of Aeroline.

Aeroline believes this safety and sanitisation measure will widely benefit the bus industry.  As a community service to its industry partners, Aeroline has prepared mobile units for sanitisation to serve other buses in the Sungai Nibong station for the entire month of May 2020.

“Our industry is highly affected as inter-state travel was restricted during MCO.  All of us are going through very difficult times.  If we want to quickly move ahead, we have to take pro-active measures. If other bus operators are interested to introduce this sanitisation method in their service, we are willing to share the know-how and proper usage of UVC with them,” said Law. 

Following the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) announcement on 1st May, Aeroline resumes operations beginning 4 May 2020.  Additional to the implementation of UVC in its process, Aeroline also tightened safety and sanitisation measures in other areas including contactless ticketing procedures at all service centres, regular temperature screenings for all passengers and cabin crew before boarding the buses, sanitisation of luggage, briefings on on-board etiquette and practicing social distance in the bus.

Aeroline cabin crew sanitising the bus with UVC rays

Bus operators who wish to know more about the UVC sanitisation process, kindly email or call tel: 03-6258 8800.

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