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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Opinion Compare

Overnight research from Opinion Compare identified the majority of the population don’t think children should return to the classroom next week. A nationally representative survey of n=754 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 23rd of April asked whether children should be back in the classroom next week, with 69% of the population disagreeing. This number increased to 75% amongst parents surveyed. Only 14% of the population thought children should return, with 17% not sure.
Reasons for not wanting children to return to classrooms were consistent with concerns being the risk to the broader population, concern for teachers, safer being in their bubble and wanting to wait until Level 2 restrictions come into play.
Below are just some of the reasons why the majority of the Kiwi population want home schooling to continue
“We have already seen how clusters build in schools. It is likely those returning to school may not only be those needed because of parent workers but also those of lazy parents who want rid of their children, and these are the ones likely to be at risk of carrying the virus, from their parents who will not social distance!”
“Too risky. We should wait another 2 weeks when we are more confident. They are much younger and vulnerable. A baby or child death because of the decision will have immediate consequences to returning back to Level 4”
“Why risk the infection of our children? They should be the last group we put at risk. Only the children that have no other carers available should go back to school”
“It is unfair on teachers to have to deal with children from 30 or so different bubbles, and children are unlikely to be able to maintain social distancing when they return to school”
The smaller proportion of Kiwis who believed that children should return to the physical classroom cited concerns over the quality of education, wanting parents to be able to get back to work and children being a low risk category as their reasons why classrooms should reopen
“Because the curve has slowed – education is important and people need to slowly start getting back to normal before it’s hard to get back into routine”
“Children are at low risk of catching the virus plus there seems to be no community spread of Covid-19”
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “as a nation that’s been largely compliant with the restrictions put in place, there’s still considerable concern around children returning to the classroom. This research clearly shows that parents, teachers and the broader New Zealand population don’t want to risk the strategies put in place and put unnecessary lives – whether that’s children, parents, teachers or carers – in danger”
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