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Source: Opinion Compare

Overnight research from Opinion Compare reveals that while the majority of the population have adapted to lockdown life and generally positive about their current circumstances, 77% are worried that others will break Level 4 rules during the Easter period. A nationally representative survey of n=693 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 8th of April identified while our concerns about the lockdown period are on the decline, it’s what other people might do, where concerns are elevated.
Table 1: Concerns During Lockdown Period (attached)
There have been positives in the lockdown with the average Kiwi adapting well to the new circumstances and agreeing that they’ve enjoyed the quality time with the people they’ve been in lockdown with.
Attitude Agreement
I’ve adapted well to lockdown     82% 
It’s been nice to enjoy quality time with the family / friends / housemates     51% 
It’s been fun finding new ways to keep socially connected     36%
However, there’s concern about both the short term and long term implications
I worry about the long term implications of Covid-19     82% 
I’m concerned with Easter that other people might break Level 4 rules         77%
Parents are starting to feel the impact, with 2 in 5 Kiwi households struggling to keep their children entertained.
My kids are starting to go stir crazy          47% 
 I’m struggling to keep my kids entertained          40%
It appears that baking, exercising and gardening is what we’re doing more of when it comes to Week 3 in Lockdown – when asked activities the Kiwi population have done more or / less of / or the same; it’s baking that tops the list of what households are doing more of – a 13% increase from Week 2.
Table 2: What we’re doing more of during Lockdown (attached)
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “what we’ve uncovered in Week 3 is while there’s still the resilience and stoicism that we can be proud of, there’s concern that others might waiver in their resolute stance. Easter is challenging for people and while they might take the nimbysim approach and express their concerns about what others might do in the upcoming days, this could very well be a reflection of what they’re wanting to do themselves.”
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