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Source: Employment New Zealand

Work and Income have released a list of businesses that have received the Wage Subsidy Scheme. Here are the steps to find out if your employer has received a payment.

Wage Subsidy Scheme: Information available about employers who have received payments

The Government’s Wage Subsidy Scheme supports businesses to maintain an employment connection and make sure their employees receive an income, even if they are not able to work because of COVID-19.

If you want to find out if your employer has received a Wage Subsidy payment, you can search for their trading name on Work and Income’s database. This list will also show you the total amount paid and the number of employees this covers. Employers can apply for the subsidy for some or all of their employees. Check with your employer to see whether they have listed your name on the application.

The database is being updated as more businesses receive payment. There may be a delay between your employer receiving a payment and appearing on this list. Sole traders and contractors who have received payments will be added in the next couple of weeks.

If you don’t know the trading name you can ask your employer for it or check your employment agreement. You can also look at your bank statement for the account name next to your wage deposit.

Search the Wage Subsidy Scheme list of payments (external link)

When applying for the Subsidy, all employers agree they will try their hardest to pay employees at least 80% of their usual wages or, at minimum, to pass on the full subsidy amount for 12 weeks. If the employee’s usual wages are less than the subsidy they must be paid their usual wage.

Businesses that applied also agreed this information being published so payments are transparent and accountable to the public.

It’s important to talk to your employer first if you have questions or concerns. If you believe your employer is receiving the subsidy, but not meeting the conditions they agreed to, you should discuss this with your employer you can also seek further guidance from Employment NZ.

See more information on Wage Subsidy from the Ministry for Social Development (external link)

See more information on how to make a complaint about an employer regarding Wage Subsidy (external link)