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Source: Whangarei District Council

This page contains a news story about usage of the Hatea Loop walkway during COVID-19 lock-down.

Updated: 8/04/2020 12:48 p.m.

​CCTV footage shows people using the Hatea Loop for a bit of exercise during the lockdown are staying within their bubble groups and staying two-metres from other bubble groups. 

“A few people contacted us, concerned that people were too close together on the loop and breaking the rules. We studied the evidence and were relieved and pleased by the outcome,” said Council Parks and Recreation Manager Sue Hodge. 

“Going for a walk can be a very important stress reliever and mood lifter for people in difficult and uncertain times, cooped up at home. 

“Promoting health and well-being is the core purpose of parks and reserves, that is why rates go into developing them and maintaining them. 

“That’s why our reserves and walkways are open for people to enjoy as long as they stay in their local neighbourhood and practice social distancing. If people follow the rules they are fine.

“We have closed down our playgrounds, because the virus can survive on surfaces, so we don’t want people touching them, but going for a simple walk, abiding by the driving rules of the lock down, should be safe.