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Source: University of Waikato

How are New Zealanders coping with COVID-19 — the lockdown, the uncertainty, the worry, the stress?  A new online survey from researchers at the University of Waikato’s School of Psychology asks Kiwis how they are feeling about the alert 4 lockdown and the wider COVID-19 situation that we find ourselves in.

Senior lecturer Dr Carrie Cornsweet Barber, and honours student Sania Naved have developed an online questionnaire to look further into the issues at hand. The survey looks at how respondents understand the things that influence their health, and what they’re doing to cope with the practical and emotional impact of COVID-19 and the changes it has made in all our lives.

The survey is based in part on overseas studies of previous pandemics, and one recent study done in China. However, it also focuses on understanding what helps us be resilient, and aims to gather advice that can be collated and shared about what we can do to weather this storm.

The survey takes about 15-30 minutes, and can be done on a computer, phone, or other device. If you would like to take part, you can access the survey here.