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Source: Taxpayers Union

Auckland and Wellington City Councils must follow Christchurch on rates freeze
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is calling on Phil Goff and Andy Foster to follow the lead of Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, who has reportedly asked council staff to plan for a rate freeze.Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “Mayor Dalziel had until now been tinkering with minor rates deferral proposals. Her belated decision to pursue real rates relief is a major victory for Christchurch ratepayers, and shows the value of people power. Special credit should be given to the six councillors who came out early in favour of a freeze.””A rates freeze may have once seemed radical to many mayors, but now councils across the country are switching on to the idea as a compassionate and prudent response to the economic pressures facing households.””Mayors across New Zealand, especially those of larger centres like Auckland and Wellington, risk looking like laggards as they continue to stumble towards painful pre-scheduled rate hikes. It’s outrageous for councils to continue to pursue old rate-and-spend priorities when households across the country are cost-cutting.”The Taxpayers’ Union’s petition for a nationwide rates freeze now has close to 6000 signatures and can be signed at