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Source: Environmental Protection Authority

Although we have reduced capacity due to our staff working from home, please get in contact with us so that we can help you to meet your NZ ETS obligations.

Emissions returns are due by 31 March 2020 for all Schedule 3 mandatory activities, and any schedule 4 voluntary activities that report on a quarterly basis (excluding Post-1989 Forestry activities).

31 March remains the deadlines for these submissions and most organisations have already submitted their returns to us. We have already tried to make contact with the participants that have not yet submitted a return to see what we can do to help them with their return.

If you are unable to submit your emissions return by 31 March, you may apply for an extension of up to 20 working days. If you need an extension, you must apply for it before 31 March, so please do contact us if you think you will need more time to complete your return.

You can apply for an extension either by logging into the Register and applying for an extension, or by emailing This email needs to be with us before the end of the day on 31 March.

Getting in touch with us

The government call centre that normally handles our calls is currently unavailable as it has been diverted to deal with COVID-related calls. However, you can reach our staff directly on the following numbers:

If you have any questions about your Registry account, you can call Dave Stuart on 027 380 8689.

If you have any questions on your emissions return, you can call Izzy Herstell on 027 301 2939, or Rob Mitchell on 027 381 3844.

These people will be available between 9.00am – 4.00pm Monday to Friday, and will do their best to answer your calls as quickly as possible.