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Source: Opinion Compare

As the nation awaits Jacinda Adern’s latest announcement on border restrictions – research conducted from 6-11th March 2020 reveals that 1 in 5 of New Zealanders have already cancelled or changed travel plans.
The research, undertaken by leading online research agency Opinion Compare, revealed key concerns and fears Kiwis have about Coronavirus, and how it’s affecting their life and work.
A national survey of n=858 people found that although 73% of New Zealanders don’t feel that Coronavirus has affected them personally, 69% are worried it’s going to affect the status of the economy in the next 6-12 months.
Of those who felt personally affected by the virus, 43% are somewhat or very fearful of Coronavirus. They are most fearful of:
– passing it onto their elderly family/ relatives or their children
– how it will affect themselves, or family members with autoimmune disease
– having to cancel travel plans
– job losses or being unable to work because of the virus
Despite worries about the economy and the fears of those affected, the majority of respondents haven’t changed or delayed any major life decisions like buying a house or car, changing job, or investing in property or shares. However, 18% have cancelled or changed their travel plans.
Over half (53%) believe the government is accurately reporting the severity of Coronavirus. Interestingly, only 10% have taken to stockpiling essentials and 85% believe the media has contributed to the hysteria around stockpiling.
From a business perspective, 60% feel the business they work for or own has been affected by Coronavirus. 20% have supply chain issues, and 13% say wellbeing of staff is down. Interestingly there are a few businesses that say they are busier than ever due to their competitors having stock issues.
Planning for Coronavirus seems to be taking up a lot of staff time for many and those who work in education seem most affected with students not coming from overseas.
Procedures and special measures that have been taken on by businesses are reminders about general OH&S/ hygiene policies with hand sanitisers readily available in all businesses. Some businesses are also getting ready for more staff to potentially work from home by providing laptops or remote access etc. Businesses have also cancelled international travel for staff and non-essential domestic travel.
About Opinion Compare
Opinion Compare is the research arm of NZ Compare and offers an independent and affordable way to deliver Kiwi opinions into NZ business decision makers. We created Opinion Compare to help brands and agencies operating in NZ avoid making poorly informed decisions which led to costly mistakes. We provide a range of ways to get the insights you require. Traditional qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are covered as well as new and different approaches if required. We’re passionate about creating a world where consumer opinions help shape and deliver better products and services for everyone.