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Source: New Zealand Parliament

10 March 2020

The Chairperson of the Governance and Administration Committee, Dr Jian Yang MP, is calling for public submissions on the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Amendment Bill, which was referred to the committee on 5 March 2020.

The bill aims to accelerate the transition of Christchurch’s regeneration to local leadership. It proposes amendments to the Greater Christchurch Regeneration (GCR) Act to:

  • revoke the section 71 power, which provides for an expedited way to make changes to planning documents;
  • provide for the early disestablishment of Regenerate Christchurch, which will reduce the number of institutions working on regeneration in Christchurch;
  • extend certain land powers required for reconfiguration of land titles in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, to ensure the Crown can undertake agreed work prior to the transfer of the land back to the Council; and
  • other required changes to implement the three major changes above, such as amendments to the Regeneration Plan process to account for the early disestablishment of Regenerate Christchurch, and to remove the requirement for an annual review of the Act.

The amendments are being proposed because there are provisions in the GCR Act that are now unnecessary given the progress that has been made on regeneration in Greater Christchurch.

If the bill is passed, most of the changes would come into effect in mid-2020.

The Chair is keen to hear the public’s thoughts on this bill. You can make a submission on the Parliament website.


Tell the Governance and Administration Committee what you think

Make a submission on the bill by midnight on 27 March 2020.

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