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Source: Auckland Council

Ever wanted to see Dungeons and Dragons performed in real life? Is watching a wizard fight an angry whale-headed octopus dragon on your Must See list? Then this show is for you!

Part of Auckland Fringe 2020, this improvised, high-fantasy adventure is entirely made up on the spot AND entirely controlled by the dice.

This isn’t a show where you watch people play D&D, this is a show where you watch actors experience D&D as the characters.

Brought to you by the Improverished theatre troupe, the show returns after rave reviews at the 2019 Auckland Improv Marathon.

Whether you’ve played D&D four times a week since you were born or only know it from watching Stranger Things, this show will be a good, good time.

Tickets can be booked in advance or walk-ins are accepted on the day – payment needed in cash.