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Source: Taxpayers Union

An RNZ headline this morning proclaims that National is ‘promising to scrap fuel tax if elected’. But the official press statement from National’s Finance spokesman Paul Goldsmith says otherwise. New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “National rightly point out that fuel tax hikes have snatched nearly $1.7 billion from motorists. However, the Party has only said it will ditch the tax targeted at Aucklanders, which makes up just a fraction of that revenue grab.” “Fuel tax is particularly nasty because it disproportionately affects the poor, who commute longer distances and drive older cars. Even outside Auckland, tax makes up half the price of petrol and is a major factor in the ballooning cost of living. “National need to commit to scrapping all of Labour’s fuel tax hikes. And if this isn’t their position, they should explain why. If they didn’t need this extra revenue when they were in Government, why would they need it now?” “The media also need to be clearer in their reporting. Many New Zealanders outside of Auckland will be under the impression that National is promising to cut their fuel tax. As of today, this just isn’t true.”