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Source: NorthTec

Data released from a recent independent survey shows very positive results for NorthTec’s programmes and its students.

The survey was conducted by SIL Research and found that 90 per cent of students were satisfied with their study at NorthTec, and overall would recommend NorthTec as a place to study. Over three quarters of the students surveyed were employed after they had completed their qualification, and the vast majority (76 per cent) of employed students said their employment was related to their course of study.

It found that 77.8 per cent of surveyed students who were looking for work said NorthTec’s qualification helped them in their search, which is a seven per cent increase from 2018. It also found that students rated NorthTec 83 per cent as suitably preparing them for the workforce.

The survey was was undertaken by 346 NorthTec students, and was collected between December 2019 and January 2020. It was undertaken by SIL Research is in accordance with the principles detailed in the RANZ Code of Practice which is based on the ESOMAR Code of Conduct for Market Research.