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Source: Auckland Council

Since Saturday, Auckland Council’s tanker-to-tanker water delivery initiative has delivered almost four million litres of water to rural communities.

The service is one of a number of ways Auckland Council is helping to ease the impact of dry weather.

“We are using tankers contracted from the country’s milk tanker fleet to take water to designated sites where they can transfer water to smaller commercial operators,” says Rodney Ward Councillor Greg Sayers.

“This helps to take pressure off the commercial filling stations, reduce travel times for operators and speed up delivery times for operators with long wait lists.

“The tankers are now delivering up to one million litres of water per day to supplement private delivery services.

“We are encouraging people to be patient while the delivery services work as quickly as they can to get water to their customers.”

A number of community water collection sites in Franklin, Rodney, Waitākere and on the Hibiscus Coast continue to be available.

“Some sites offer taps at community facilities or 10,000L tanks, where people can fill hand-held containers with up to 20L of water per person in their household per day,” says Cllr Sayers.

Many of the council’s pools and leisure centres are offering people access to their showers and to fill hand-held containers. There are also showers at some of our parks and holiday parks.

“While there are no water restrictions currently in place for residents on the municipal water supply, we are reminding Aucklanders to be mindful of their water use. It is great to see communities pulling together to check on their neighbours and support each other as the dry weather continues.”