10th anniversary of the magnitude 7.1 Darfield earthquake in Canterbury

Source: GNS Science The rupture of a previously unknown fault west of Christchurch not only jolted Cantabrians awake on that Saturday morning in September 2010,...

Revision of the science model for future earthquake shaking in New Zealand

Source: GNS Science GNS Science, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and EQC announced today that they are revising the National Seismic Hazard...

New geological maps help Hawke’s Bay plan for resilient, thriving future – 05/08/2020

Source: GNS Science  Three-dimensional modelling helped GNS experts to better define the geological make-up of the area – including the extent of rocks like limestone,...

Fossil leaves open window into Coromandel’s ancient climate – 21/02/2020

Source: GNS Science 20/02/2020 12:00 pm A rich treasure trove of information about Coromandel’s prehistoric vegetation and past climate has been uncovered near Whitianga. Dorothy and Ian...

Copper phone network may come up trumps in fault zone study

Source: GNS Science 09/02/2020 8:32 am Scientists from New Zealand and Japan are collaborating with Chorus in a pilot project to investigate the subduction zone beneath...
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