New leptospirosis research calls for stronger vaccination uptake in dry stock farming

Source: Massey University Dry stock farmers are exposed to the leptospirosis through calving cattle and deer. Researchers from Massey University and the University of Warwick have...

First-time study reveals high percentage of Albatross deaths linked to single-use plastics

Source: Massey University Deaths of Albatross in the Southern-Hempisphere have been studied for the research paper. Three veterinarians from Massey University’s Wildbase Hospital have been involved...

‘$5 penguin’ highlights threat to marine life

Source: Massey University Professor John Cockrem with one of the many samples of plastic waste he has collected from Little Penguin nesting colonies around Aotearoa. The...

Pandemic expert named Manawatū Standard ‘Person of the Year’

Source: Massey University Professor David Hayman – named the Manawatu Standard’s Person of the Year 2020. Massey University scientist Professor David Hayman has been named the...
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