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Source: Ia Ara Aotearoa Transporting New Zealand

Transporting New Zealand is right behind Transport Minister Simeon Brown’s announcement that $4b is going to be spent preventing potholes around the country.
Interim CEO Dom Kalasih says the fund will go a long way towards fixing up run-down roads and highways, which will make travel a lot smoother for everyone.
“This in the sort of investment we need to do, and it is good to see this is part of a three-year plan which shows a commitment to better roads.”
With $2.07 billion allocated for pothole prevention on highways and $1.9 billion on local roads, Kalasih says that should make a huge dent in the pothole problem.
“That’s not only good for our members, but it’s good for all Kiwi motorists.”
He says a recent study by the Ministry of Transport says heavy trucks cover 76 per cent of their public sector roading costs, the most of all road users.
“Our truckies are more than happy to contribute via road user charges to a system that focuses on keeping the roads up to a high standard like this will do.”
Kalasih says increased funding for New Zealand’s roads is needed on an ongoing basis to ensure consistent economic growth.