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Source: Te Pati Maori

The recent attacks on Te Pāti Māori and its MP’s are part of a continuing narrative of attack on all matters Māori.

If we could respond to baseless inuendo we would. If there is any evidence then show us so we have a reason to engage in a conversation.

The fact of the matter is, as usual Māori are being used as a scapegoat to cover up and deflect from what is really going on in this country. This Coalition Government has been brought hook, line and sinker by cigarette and tobacco barons; by pharmaceutical barons; by landlords and by mining barons through fast tracked legislation and more importantly, it continues its constant attack on all matters Māori all of the time.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister has advised France that when dealing with New Caledonia issues they must be aware of the indigenous Kanak rights of self-determination. Yet he has the audacity to deny his own whakapapa and his own people the same discussion in Aotearoa.

The only activist party in our political landscape is Te Pāti Māori. We are the only Pāti that will unapologetically speak our truth. We make absolutely no apology for ensuring that we will overturn every piece of legislation when we form part of a new Government. So the message to rich landlords (me being one of them) is you will pay your fair dues when we take power.

The message to mining magnates that got through fast tracked procedures is, we will unwind you. We will unwind everything this Government has done to us because we are an everlasting, dependable movement for indigenous peoples. Of greatest importance is we have to express our manaakitanga which is to protect all peoples.

Te Pāti Māori are endlessly attacked and the matter is being made into a race debate through no fault of our own. We are the real opposition to this Government. We are a rights based Pāti not a race based. Racism was imported by colonisers. We consented to Colonisers by signing a Treaty.

We are the only activist party because when our legislation to remove GST off all kai came before The House, everyone including Labour and The Greens voted it down. We are the only activist party because when we say something, we mean it. When Labour and The Greens get into power, everything is about surrendering to the altar of incrementalism rather than actually changing things for the betterment of the majority of our citizens.

So let’s confront the real issue. During and after the pandemic huge websites fully funded by the rich appeared knowing there is only one activist group left in Aotearoa and it is us Māori, the Indigenous people. We are here to protect our environment; there to protect the benefit of the majority of citizens and to tax the 2 per cent that control 50 per cent of our wealth.

They are on notice as are their friends at the New Zealand Taxpayers Union; their friends at Curia Polling; their friends at Hobson’s Pledge; their friends at Federated Farmers and their friends at Employers and Manufacturers. They all have to accept the fact that we are never surrendering and we grow stronger every day.

It must amuse our people to watch a National Party MP in Taranaki hide $180,000 worth of expenditure, not report it and nothing happens. When Te Pāti Māori made a late filing the Police were immediately called to investigate and we are sent to the Serious Fraud Office. This shows one law for some and one law for others.

We are sick and tired of being beaten up for speaking our truth on our own whenua. That is why there can be no reliance on media and I attach my response to STUFF as evidence.

So join the movement, sign up your friends and whānau, like and share. Register as members of the only activist movement who are still able and willing to contest matters in our constitution. Is it any wonder we want to set up our own parliament? Is it any wonder that we want to get our fair share of resources to self-manage and self-determine for and with ourselves?