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SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 6 June 2024 – Freshippo’s private-label products have recently made their debut at 99 Ranch Market, the largest Chinese supermarket chain in the United States, and Yamibuy, the largest online retailer for Asian goods and groceries in North America. Chinese delicacies, including snacks such as cranberry hawthorn strips and sea salt toffee, condiments including mixed seasoning bags and culinary sauces, and staple foods like sliced noodles and Longkou vermicelli, are among the best-selling products.

The launch marks an industry milestone as this is the first time a domestic Chinese supermarket has initiated the large-scale export of their self-branded products overseas. Demonstrating strong product and supply chain capabilities, Freshippo’s private-label products, such as Freshippo Daily Fresh, Freshippo Kitchen, and Difresco, have been widely favored by consumers since its introduction in 2017. In 2022, Freshippo’s private-label brands ranked first among Chinese retailers with a 41% proactive mention rate and 93% brand awareness.

Dietary differences are a significant challenge for Chinese people living abroad and data shows that food is a major category for cross-border online shopping. Before the launch, International Business Team at Freshippo conducted offline research in Chinese supermarkets in the US and Australia. The research revealed that traditional Chinese families prefer authentic Chinese flavors and ingredients for their home cooking needs, while younger Chinese residents are more interested in snacks and instant foods, particularly those that are popular online.

“We also found that the seasonings sold in Chinese supermarkets in the US and Australia are mostly single-ingredient, whereas Freshippo’s compound seasonings can help Chinese people living overseas more easily prepare complex Chinese dishes.” said Yanni XU, Export Manager of International Business at Freshippo. Additionally, Freshippo’s snacks also enhance the variety available in these supermarkets, offering consumers a greater range of flavors.

In the first week of its launch on Yamibuy, Freshippo’s private label products quickly rose to the top of the new product rankings on both the East and West Coast of the US. This is just the first destination in Freshippo’s international expansion. Freshippo plans to launch its private-label products in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and other countries this year.

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