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WARSAW, POLAND – Newsaktuell – 23 April 2024 – AIO Studios have announced September 26, 2024, as the premiere date for Putin, the latest film from celebrated Polish director Patryk Vega. The film, which features an AI-rendered Vladimir Putin, will debut simultaneously in 35 countries, including major markets like the USA and India, reaching a potential audience of over three billion.

AIO Studios announce premiere of AI-driven biopic, ‘Putin,’ directed by Patryk Vega. AIO Studios – Images from an AI-generated production

The recently released 2.5-minute trailer promises a detailed analysis of the Russian leader’s life and psyche over 60 years, rendered in ultra-realistic detail through advanced AI technology. Viewers will be able to get up close and personal with the Kremlin leader’s story, touching on some of the most intimate moments of his life.

AIO Studios announce premiere of AI-driven biopic, ‘Putin,’ directed by Patryk Vega. AIO Studios – Images from an AI-generated production

“Inviting Putin to the studio for 20,000 shots wasn’t an option,” says director Patryk Vega, “and the archival materials available online didn’t allow for training a high-resolution deepfake model suitable for cinematic use. As a result, after nearly two years of development, we’ve created our pioneering AI-driven technology, enabling us to craft the cinematic character without relying on a real human model.”

Filmed over three years in locations such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Poland, the movie’s timeliness is one of its most significant aspects. At one point, the narrative shifts to present day, offering viewers insights into the internal mechanisms of Russian politics that influenced the perception of the presidential elections in 2024. To enhance the film’s realism, director Vega cooperated with Ukrainian cinematographers who recorded authentic events during city bombardments and soldiers’ combat.

“Putin is not just a film,” Vega states. “It’s a response to a global quest to understand the motives and actions of one of the most controversial figures in contemporary politics. My production’s mission is to provide viewers with a ‘user manual’ for Putin, aiming to alleviate the fear and uncertainty that dominate today’s world.”

Feature Film: Putin
Genre: Psychological thriller, biopic
Written and directed by: Patryk Vega
Script Consultant: Kevin Bernhardt
Casting Director: Nancy Bishop
Director of Photography: Michał Gościk
Edited by: Tomasz Widarski
Composer: Łukasz Targosz
Sound: Maciej Pawłowski & Piotr Lasota
Costumes: Małgorzata Bednarek-Chumakou
Makeup: Maja Łukaszewicz & Justyna Zaranek
Cast: Sławomir Sobala, Thomas Kretschmann, Maksymilian Zieliński, Justyna Karłowska, Przemysław Bluszcz, Tomasz Dedek, Aron Jończyk, Michał Karmowski, Marek Kasprzyk, Andris Keišs, Jan Monczka, Krzysztof Stawowy
Kinostar is handling international sales
Producer: AIO Studios
World Premiere Date: September 26, 2024

Hashtag: #AIOStudios

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