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Source: Buy NZ Made

Today is NZ Made Day, a day dedicated to honouring the craftsmanship, innovation and ingenuity of Kiwi manufacturers and entrepreneurs.
This event showcases the immense pride Kiwis take in their locally-produced goods and services, highlighting the impact they have on the economy and the environment.
“We are encouraging consumers to make ethical consumption choices that prioritise local craftsmanship and sustainability in the lead up to Black Friday,” Buy NZ Made executive director Dane Ambler says.
“Kiwi businesses continue to face challenges. Our research suggests 64% are struggling with rising costs, and 30% are struggling with cashflow and inflation. Just 46% are optimistic about the Christmas period and a quarter say staying afloat will be their priority in 2024.
“NZ Made Day is a unique opportunity to get behind these companies. From artisanal goods to advanced technology, this event highlights the diversity and quality of locally-produced items.”
Consumers are encouraged to support local businesses by purchasing New Zealand-made products, boosting the economy and reducing the carbon footprint associated with imports.
In the lead up to Black Friday, the day is also a reflection of New Zealand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
“Black Friday is a day of wasteful consumption which sees many Kiwis sending their money into the pockets of overseas big box retailers.
“Let’s acknowledge the incredible talents and dedication of our local creators this year.”
Shoppers can find unique deals and giveaways by heading to the Buy NZ Made Facebook page or searching the hashtag #nzmadeday 
About the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign:
The New Zealand Made Campaign is an organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting New Zealand-made products and services. 
With a focus on authenticity, quality, and sustainability, the Campaign seeks to strengthen the local economy and reduce the environmental impact of imports by encouraging consumers to choose Kiwi-made goods.