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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 27 July 2023 – “Conservation’s in my hand, opportunities for every man”! Practicing environmental conservation not only saves the Earth but can also yield benefits. The gamified environmental mobile application, Zero2, is officially launched!< >

< >The environmental startup, Negawatt Utility Ltd., has launched a ground-breaking sustainability reward platform, Zero2, marking a significant moment for the environmental movement in Hong Kong. The launch was celebrated with the first carbon neutral wedding held at the ‘Zero Carbon Park’.

The endearing mascot of Zero2 “ES Pig” steals a kiss from his new “bride” Lin Min Chen

< >Negawatt’s CEO, Mr. Arthur Lam, stated that Zero2 is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly mobile game application. It rewards individuals with merchant discounts, encouraging users to make sustainable behavioral changes in their daily lives. The aim is to promote social responsibility and bring positive energy. He also mentioned that Negawatt will sponsor a brand new Tesla Model Y electric car by the end of this year and reward it to the Zero2 user who best practices a sustainable lifestyle. This user will also have the chance to join Lin Min Chen for a “Green Low-carbon Day Tour”.

A Celebrity Union for Carbon Neutrality

Renowned Malaysian celebrity, Lin Min Chen, has pledged her dedication to a carbon-neutral lifestyle by becoming an integral part of the Zero2 community. In a heart-warming ceremony, Lin declared “I do, Zero2,” symbolizing her dedication to reducing her carbon footprint and inspiring others to do the same. Lin’s union with ESPig, the endearing Zero2 mascot, represents a powerful commitment by both parties to work tirelessly towards transitioning Hong Kong into a net-zero city.

Diamond Ring: A Symbol of Love and Carbon Neutrality

The exchange of a diamond ring during the wedding is more than just a symbol of love; it embodies the commitment to a lifelong journey towards carbon neutrality. As each Hong Kong citizen emits approximately 6 tons of carbon emissions annually, Zero2 has gifted Lin Min Chen an astounding 50 years’ worth of carbon credits (6 tons x 50 years) to offset her future carbon emissions. This significant carbon credit offering ensures that Lin will not only offset the whole-life-worth of carbon footprint but also become a carbon-positive role model for the entire city of Hong Kong.

The Eco-Friendly Wedding Gown

Adding to the sustainability of the event, the wedding gown worn by Lin Min Chen is a stunning creation from the atelier of Ms. Noel Chu. This exquisite gown has been designed with utmost care for the environment, using low-carbon and reusable materials. Crafted from high-quality Italian satin, soft tulle, and delicate French lace, the gown exemplifies elegance and eco-consciousness. Moreover, the gown features recyclable die-cut paper embellishments, making it a unique blend of artistry and environmental responsibility.

The choice of a low-carbon and reusable wedding gown sends a powerful message about embracing sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Ms. Noel Chu’s atelier has set an example for the world, showing that style and beauty need not come at the expense of the environment.

Achieving a Net-Zero Wedding

Negawatt, the mastermind behind the event, has taken a low-carbon approach when designing the celebration. The event will feature an array of recyclable materials, underscoring the commitment to sustainability at every step. To achieve a net-zero wedding, two types of carbon emissions are considered: embodied carbon and operational carbon.

Embodied carbon, arising from non-recyclable materials used for the event, such as the wedding dress, has been meticulously calculated and offset. Additionally, operational carbon, encompassing the energy and resources utilized during setup, operation, and dismantling, has been measured and compensated.

Transportation emissions from guests arriving at the event have also been accounted for and offset, with each guest receiving 3 carbon credits as part of the initiative. Negawatt has gone the extra mile by purchasing and retiring carbon credits from HKEx’s Core Climate and sponsoring a rainforest restoration project in Nguru Mountains, Tanzania, Africa, to offset any remaining carbon emissions.

An official ‘vow’ as activation

During the mobile app Kick-off ceremony, Lam, Lin and guests followed the emcee’s lead and together shouted the ‘wedding vow’ “I Do Zero2” on stage, further declaring their collaboration and determination with Negawatt in promoting sustainable development and circular economy in Hong Kong.

A Memorable and Inspirational Event

The day-long event features an exciting lineup of activities, including inspiring speeches from esteemed personalities. Among them is Mr. Suleiman Amin, Managing Director of Catalyst, Masdar City’s accelerator, who signed a strategic partnership MoU in Dubai with Negawatt earlier this year. The momentous occasion was witnessed by the Hong Kong Chief Executive, Mr. John Lee.

Mr. Suleiman Ali Amin, the CEO of CATALYST Company in Masdar City, took the stage to share the memorandum of understanding signed with Negawatt in Dubai in February. Chief Executive Mr.John Lee and Mr. Nicholas Ho, the CEO of the HPA, were also present to witness the signing.

< >Joining the stage were Ms. Pamela Leung, Corporate Communications Director from Hong Kong Housing Society. Ms. Leung stated that this year marks the 75th anniversary of the Housing Association, which has been tirelessly pushing environmental work forward for over 20 years and has held numerous regional events to raise residents’ awareness of environmental protection. She pointed out that Zero2 starts with clothing, food, housing, and transportation to record the carbon footprint of Hong Kong people. The Housing Association has recently been promoting the community project, ‘Community ESG Program’, through the ‘Zero 2’ platform since the beginning of July, hoping to make new breakthroughs and set an example.

Mr. Tom Gaffney, Managing Director of CBRE HK, also congratulated Zero2 on its official launch through video. Gaffney’s sharing was followed by Mr. Kelvin Kwong, founder of XGD media, who appreciated Lam for sparing no effort in driving ESG in Hong Kong.

Mr. Eddie Lee, Associate Director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) Merchandise Trade and Innovation, presented Lam, CEO of Negawatt Utility, with the Start-up Award and the ESG Award of the sixth edition of the “Start-up Express” organized by HKTDC. The organizing company, Negawatt Utility, received these two awards at the beginning of the month. Lee was also attending the ceremony to present the two awards to Lam in person. During the ceremony, Lee also pledged “I Do Zero2” on stage.

During the mobile app Kick-off ceremony, Arthur Lam, Lin Min Chen and guests followed the emcee’s lead and together shouted the ‘wedding vow’ “I Do Zero2” on stage, further declaring their collaboration and determination with Negawatt in promoting sustainable development and circular economy in Hong Kong.

< >Besides the esteemed speakers, the event was well attended by distinguished executives from prominent organizations, including Mr.Alex Ho, Designated Director of Construction Industry Council (Industry Development) and Mr.Ricky Lai, Chairman of the Hong Kong Students Union.The presence of these key players in the industry further highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in driving sustainability and regenerative economy for Hong Kong.

Additionally, health and fitness influencers lent their valuable insights to the event, emphasizing the significance of individual well-being in the broader context of a sustainable future.

During the event, attendees were given the opportunity to experience first hand how Zero2 is paving the way for a regenerative economy.

A Special Incentive for the Most Sustainable Zero2 User

During the event, Mr. Arthur Lam, CEO of Negawatt, made an exciting announcement. Negawatt will sponsor a free Tesla Model Y for the most sustainable Zero2 user by the end of the year. The winning user will also have the chance to go on a green low-carbon day tour with the Zero2 artist endorser Lin Min Chen! This grand gesture underscores Negawatt’s commitment to rewarding and encouraging individuals who actively contribute to building a greener future. The Tesla Model Y, an all-electric SUV, epitomizes sustainable mobility and embodies the spirit of Zero2’s environmental mission.

Join us in celebrating this historic milestone in Hong Kong’s journey towards sustainability and carbon neutrality. Together, let’s create a greener, cleaner, and brighter future for generations to come.

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