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Source: Media Outreach

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 26 June 2023 – In celebration of the World Microbiome Day on 27th June 2023, Human Health Holdings Limited (HKG stock: 1419) (Human Health) is pleased to announce a strategic investment in BioMed Technology Holdings Limited (BioMed) for collaboration in developing on gut microbiome technology based on precision medicine, providing advanced and affordable non-pharmaceutical health management solutions that help people to improve sub health and metabolic syndromes effectively.

Mr. Chan Kin Ping, BBS, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Human Health (from left, 6th) and Vincent Tsang, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioMed (from right, 3rd) joined hands to promote gut microbiome health management at community level.

< >Mr. Chan Kin Ping, BBS, JP, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Human Health said “Upholding a people-centered spirit, Human Health is dedicated to take care of the needs of people at different stages of life. Health cannot be obtained merely by using certain products or services. The shared mission of Human Health and BioMed is to promote scientific measurement and precise treatment, thereby effectively managing health. The concept of microbiome health management based on the brain-gut axis theory is well in line with our holistic, forward-looking approach to physical and mental health. We believe that such collaboration will complement and benefit both parties and will also contribute to the society.”

Mr. Vincent Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of BioMed remarked “Microbiome technology is the key to health which is our core belief. We envisage deeper and wider application of gut microbiome interventions in the medical realm, backed up by more clinical trials. BioMed has been researching gut microbiome, using local data to develop solutions that best fit the need of Hong Kong people. We expect the collaboration between BioMed and Human Health will further promote the popularity of gut microbiome testing. Testing results allow people to gauge their personal needs and thus take precision probiotic supplement when supporting the development of the local microbiome database. It’s conducive to the research and development of products and services with more accurate and effective outcome.”

Multifaceted Collaboration Helping People to Restore Beneficial Bacteria after Taking Antibiotics

Human Health, after the strategic investment in BioMed, immediately launched collaborations on various fronts including co-brand marketing and promotion of gut microbiome products. Going forward, the collaboration between two parties is expected to extend to the Greater Bay Area. In response to the current market demands in Hong Kong, BioMed and Human Health plan to roll out more microbiome-based products that help people to restore the balance of gut flora and alleviate discomfort after taking antibiotics.

BioMed’s first-of-its-kind gut microbiome healthcare centre has already commenced its service at Healthy Square, Human Health’s mega health hub located at Star House in Tsim Sha Tsui, providing one-stop personalised gut health management solutions. The healthcare centre offers on site nutritionist services, including professional health assessment, body mass measurement and health consultation services. PGut probiotic supplements and personalized testing kits and services under the brand of BioMed are also available at the healthcare centre.

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