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The workshop for autistic children and their parents is part of FWD’s social inclusion initiative and provides participants with a space to enjoy quality time

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 16 January 2023 – FWD Hong Kong (“FWD”) collaborated with LoveXpress, a local charity organisation, to hold a #LiveBoundless scented candle workshop for autistic children and their parents in late December 2022. The workshop aimed to encourage creativity and collaboration while enriching the community with love and care, bringing FWD’s brand promise, ‘Celebrate living’, to life. As a continuation of FWD’s exclusive #LiveBoundless campaign, the handmade scented candle collection was created to encourage people to enjoy the special moments in life through pleasant scents, while the relaxing nature of each candle symbolises the comprehensive protection that FWD is committed to providing for the community. An online #LiveBoundless personality test concluded in 2022 and, as a gift, for every participant that took part FWD will donate HK$5 donation to LoveXpress. Together with an internal donation, a total of HK$30,000 will be donated to support the organisation in promoting Community Care and social inclusion.
FWD collaborated with LoveXpress, a local charity organisation, to hold a #LiveBoundless scented candle workshop to promote social inclusion and provide autistic children and their parents with a comfortable environment to relax and enjoy quality time.

< >The #LiveBoundless scented candle workshop was led by Ms Kai Lai Poon, the Founder of LoveXpress, and celebrity Grace Chan, along with a professional team from BeCandle, a local fragrance brand. Participants used their creativity to draw personalised patterns on candle holders and mix their favourite fragrance oil blends to create their own unique scented candles. The #LiveBoundless scented candles collection is inspired by FWD’s five core values: the ‘Friend’ candle showcased in the workshop represents the brand’s commitment to ‘caring’ about customers and the community, offering access to a wide range of protection products that support them to enjoy the special moments in life.

FWD collaborated with LoveXpress to host a scented candle workshop to create their exclusive scented candle – ‘Friend’, which represents FWD’s care for autistic families as a warm and supportive friend.

< >Paul Tse, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, FWD Hong Kong and Macau, said: “At FWD, we’re committed to serving the community and creating positive changes. Through our meaningful collaboration with LoveXpress, we offered an opportunity for families with autism to explore their passions. FWD is dedicated to promoting social inclusion and the importance of wellbeing and health. Through our participation in charitable programmes, we’ll continue to support community members in need, unleashing their potential and building their confidence, allowing them to live life to the fullest.”

During the workshop, autistic children were invited to get creative by designing personalised patterns on a candle holder and uncovering new experiences, from mixing their favourite candle oil blends to observing how the candle was formed. Parents also got to understand their protection needs and exchanged thoughts with peers.

< >Ms Kai Lai Poon, the founder of LoveXpress, said: “Families with autism had fewer opportunities to take part in activities outside the home due to the pandemic. Being able to physically interact with people is an important part of children’s learning and development. With that, we’re grateful for FWD’s support and for organising this scented candle workshop, which allowed autistic children and families to interact, create and collaborate in person. It brought a positive impact to the personal development and growth of children with special needs, while also allowing their families to feel love and support from their community. Our shared value of social inclusion brought us together and we’re pleased to join hands with FWD in building a harmonious and caring community.”

Inspired by the FWD’s five core values, the ‘Friend’ candle represents the brand’s commitment to offering access to the widest range of protection products that support customers to enjoy the special moments in life.

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