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Chicago, IL – News Direct – 29 November 2022 – VectorBuilder Inc. – a global leader in gene delivery technologies – announced that its R&D and manufacturing center in Guangzhou won championship in the 7th “Chuangke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Competition” held in Hangzhou, China.

This influential and highly competitive contest is one of the largest in China, covering growth-stage enterprises across all high-tech industries including green energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, information technology, smart manufacturing, biotechnology, etc. This year, over 37,000 high-tech companies competed, more than any other year. The judges awarded VectorBuilder the highest score for its “transformative innovations in gene delivery technologies that drove its rapid ascension as an industry leader.”

VectorBuilder provides gene delivery solutions for both basic research and clinical needs including CGT. It offers a full spectrum of CRO, CDMO, and IP out-licensing services. A highlight of VectorBuilder is its innovative e-commerce platform that enables researchers to easily design and order custom vectors online. This platform is quickly gaining popularity among researchers and has propelled VectorBuilder to expand rapidly into a wide range of gene delivery services. Thus far, VectorBuilder has provided CRO and CDMO services to thousands of academic institutions and biotech/pharma companies in over 80 countries.

“It is a great honor to win the top place in this big competition,” Dr. Bruce Lahn, VectorBuilder’s chief scientist, commented, “We will continue to drive ourselves to develop innovative me-best and me-only products in the gene delivery space to empower life sciences research and genetic medicine around the world.”

Dr. Kristofer Mussar, VectorBuilder’s COO, added “The culture at VectorBuilder is to inspire every team member to think creatively and outside the box to develop optimal solutions for our customers. Being recognized as the most inventive, not only in our sector, but amongst all emergent technologies is truly remarkable, though perhaps not entirely unexpected.”

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