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Source: Media Outreach

Gracing the event we have Guest-of-Honour Minister Low Yen Ling and Minister Yoshiaki Takahashi, Embassy of Japan in Singapore showing their support in this collaboration

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17 November 2022 – Is the use of Japanese rice only limited to the country’s beloved dishes such as sushi and donburi? Not quite, and Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (JRE) is here to showcase its versatility. It is collaborating with hawkers from Rasapura Masters and Hawkers United for a reimagined taste of Singapore’s local hawker heritage showcase. The hawkers will be using premium Japanese rice in their offerings elevating local food.
From left to right: Hawkers United Melvin Chew, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tomoharu Uchiyama, JRE Vice-Managing Director Mr Hiro Hosoda, JRE Managing Director Mr Ryo Kimura, Guest-of-Honour Minister Low Yen Ling, Embassy of Japan in Singapore Minister Yoshiaki Takahashi, Mrs Pang – Ng Hoon Tien Executive Director of Koufu, Mr Pang Lim Chairman & CEO of Koufu and Mr Timothy Chan Chief Operating Officer of Koufu < >

< >For the showcase, JRE will be bringing in Niigata Yukinkomai, which is produced in the Niigata prefecture. It is harvested around the onset of autumn with one of the highest volume production in Niigata Prefecture due to its popularity. Reminiscent of white snow, each grain of rice boasts a nice firmness and a beautiful glossiness. It also has an enticing fragrance and a light but satisfying mouthfeel.

Three of the four participating stalls are tenants at Rasapura Masters. Rasapura means “City of Taste”, and this food enclave showcases a variety of local and Asian cuisines. It symbolises Singapore’s spirit of being a trading hub to many countries as it is strategically located along the world’s major trade route. The participating stalls are as follows:

  • Da Yan Chinese Cuisine (Rasapura Masters): Beginning in 2015 with a flagship store at Punggol Plaza, Da Yan Chinese Cuisine is best known for its signature claypot offerings. Look forward to the Claypot Century Egg with Minced Meat Porridge (S$8.80), now with a Japanese flair! The Niigata Yukinkomai is paired with well-marinated pork and an earthy century egg. It holds up remarkably well when cooked over high heat, and some of the grains on the bottommost layer take on a delightful crisp.
  • Ju Fu Bak Kut Teh (Rasapura Masters): The stall regales gourmands with Klang bak kut teh, which has a history that spans over 70 years. The soup boasts a fragrant herbal flavour with hints of garlic and pepper. Taking several hours to cook, the soup is nourishing and offers many health benefits. The Niigata Yukinkomai lends a slight sweetness that plays foil to the soup’s savoury punch. The stall will be offering Assorted Bak Kut Teh w/ Rice (S$11.80) and Gong Bao Diced Chicken w/Rice (S$15.80).
  • Ipoh Bean Sprout & Steamed Chicken (Rasapura Masters): Ipoh’s bean sprouts are known to be plump and crispy, thanks to the region’s mineral-rich spring water. Circa the 1950s and 1960s, local vendors in Ipoh began blanching bean sprouts and mixing them with chicken sauce and soy sauce. Ipoh Bean Sprout & Steamed Chicken keeps this time-honoured tradition alive with its offerings. For the showcase, the stall will use Niigata Yukinkomai in three dishes: Roasted Chicken Rice ($11.90), Steamed Chicken Rice ($11.90) and Kampong Chicken Rice ($13.90).
  • Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap (Chinatown Complex #02-156): First incepted in 1980, the stall is currently owned by second-generation hawker Melvin Chew, who was responsible for setting up the Hawkers United Facebook group during the COVID-19 pandemic. The stall is whipping up a special Duck Rice Donburi (S$7.00), which comes with its signature braised duck and the fluffy Japanese rice.

The offerings will be available from 17 November to 16 December 2022.

Supported by JRE that plans the promotion of overseas exports of Japanese rice and rice products. It has a network of Japanese rice, sake and rice confectionery manufacturers.

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