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IGI Inex will obtain a relevant share position based on quantumrock’s valuation of €30 million with the right to extend its share position over time

MUNICH, GERMANY – EQS Newswire – 16 September 2022 – London-based privately-owned global investment company, IGI Inex Holding, today announces it has become a strategic investor in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leaders, Munich-based AI asset and portfolio management company, quantumrock. As a strategic equity investment partner, IGI received a relevant share position based on the company’s valuation of €30 million with the right to extend its share position to majority over time also secured. The combination of the parties’ assets and competencies creates a unique opportunity for the two companies to enable a compelling new investment product category, facilitating an attractive proposition to many institutional market investors.

“Loss protection and downside protection for investment products backing are the big asks from large institutional investors these days. We’re very excited to be able to marry our already compelling AI-enhanced products like Absolute Return, Treasury Alpha, Single Stock Selection Alpha with an asset-backed loss protection feature and deliver a real answer to that market demand.” –Stefan Tittel, CEO of quantumrock

IGI Inex is a global leader in precious stone investment and its associated global mining activities, holding several subsidiary companies such as IGI Inex Real Estate, IGI Inex Trading, SouthCapital, and IGI Inex Global Investments in addition to shareholdings such as Seabury Capital. As a security provider for structured products due to its extensive holdings in gemstones, commodities, copper, and more, IGI Inex is looking for a complementary, intelligent monetization of its extensive precious stone holdings through innovative asset backing services for structured products which makes this latest move by the group to become a strategic investor in quantumrock an ideal fit; quantumrock is able to develop individualized products for institutional clients as well as package predominant investment themes into unique products with minimal time to market and at scale.

Joining quantumrock as a strategic equity partner is an ideal fit for IGI Inex as we seek to intelligently monetize our precious stone holdings. As global leaders in AI and ML asset management technology, quantumrock can not only support this vision but together we can facilitate a compelling new investment product category. ” – Werner Schmidt, CEO of IGI Inex.

Going forward, the partnership will see quantumrock leverage its production origination power to create a wide range of innovative investment products investable for a large client base that are asset-backed by the IGI Inex’s precious stones holdings, for example, factor investing stock selection products equipped with loss protection or guaranteed return. An additional value-add for investors is the commodity ABS investment product range which quantumrock will bring to market, which, in times of uncertainty around inflation will provide additional support alongside the group’s established Alpha-seeking trading strategies. Finally, with IGI acting as asset backing provider, quantumrock’s reputation as the global go-to brand for innovative, AI-generated, asset-backed investment products is further cemented.

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