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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 8 September 2022 – Asia’s first multi-IPs blockchain game, “PetaRush,” is now available for the seven-day worldwide demo version gameplay. Being a Web3 beginner-friendly game, even if the players do not have a crypto wallet, do not understand Blockchain Technology, or have never bought an NFT before, players can still log into the game for free and experience the joy of unlocking the blind box in the game and draw NFT characters. During the demo version gameplay period, players can also earn various rewards, including whitelists, token airdrops, and NFT game characters through daily logins, community activities, and ranked competitions. The official PetaRush gaming NFT, Peta, will be available on Binance’s Galler marketplace on September 20th at 0.2 BNB and will be limited to 1,000 units.

(PetaRush gaming scenario / source: PetaRush)

< >PetaRush is a racing game featuring NFT characters. The characters of the racers, such as lions, cats, pigeons, and foxes, are presented in a cyberpunk style. In addition, PetaRush collaborates with other NFT projects and integrates them into the game to participate in the race. The style of the racing track is the science fiction scene of Mars. The dunes, lacus, volcanoes, and other landscapes on the planet are exquisitely represented on the track. During the demo version gameplay, players can participate in the Web3 game world in just four steps:

(PetaRush gaming scenario / source: PetaRush)

< >Step 1: Unlock the blind box for Free

No NFTs are required to play the game during the demo version gameplay period. Players can simply download the demo version gameplay via APK or TestFlight, then can log into the game directly and unlock the blind box to get their own animal character to race in games.

Step 2: PVE & PVP

When the players enter the game lobby, they can see and interact with various Peta NFTs. PetaRush has two gaming modes, PVE, and PVP. In PVE mode, players can claim Marscoins, and materials to cultivate Petas. The cultivated Peta NFT can get higher stats in the game and increase the win rate. In addition, players can bring the cultivated Peta NFTs to the METASENS NFT Marketplace to trade and resell them directly to other players. This makes the NFTs can be played for in-game earning, and traded out of the game. During the demo version gameplay period, only the PVP mode is available to the public. Players can play with others as long as two people get matched successfully and start to race.

Step 3: Racing

The core gameplay of PetaRush is simple and easy. Before players’ Petas start a race, they will need to pull a handle of a slot for filling the energy bar. The energy bar consists of four colors, different color combinations bring different skills. The player just has to press one skill button to increase Peta’s running speed, reduce Peta’s physical consumption, or trigger Peta’s attack skills that can temporarily put the opponent in a state of turtle speed.

Every time the player runs a third of the distance, the old energy bar will be emptied and receives a new energy charge instead. In this way, even a player who had a bad start has two more chances to turn the tide. Players can relax in bed and play PetaRush, but if they truly want to win the championship, it still requires a good strategy.

Step 4: Claim Rewards

During the demo version gameplay period, PetaRush Team members have also prepared generous rewards for players. Players can claim rewards such as NFT blind boxes, whitelist qualifications, and PT qualifier tickets if they are in the top 100 of the ranking. In addition, various community activities will be held on PetaRush’s Discord channel. As long as you complete some simple tasks, you have a chance to be airdropped tokens or NFT rewards.

PetaRush provides the players with this demo version to get a trial first. If the player likes it and would like to invest his time in this game, then spends money to buy Peta NFT and become an advanced player. “Keep the risk lowest for both sides,” says Louis, the Chief Creative Officer of PetaRush. “Community is about gathering like-minded people. PetaRush is a fun game and has a healthy economic model. We are confident we will earn recognition from players.”

PetaRush NFTs will be minted on Binance’s Galler NFT platform on September 20th at 0.2 BNB for seven days. Players who own NFTs can use them to log into the game and directly participate in the next closed beta period at the end of September. Players who want to get whitelisted can participate in community activities on PetaRush’s Discord.

PetaRush Demo Version Gameplay Date 9/8 to 9/15

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