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Make this Mid-Autumn Festival heartwarming and special with delectable novel treats from Whyzee first collection of mooncakes that will spark conversations at the gatherings. Enjoy 30% off all mooncakes till 5 September 2022!

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 30 August 2022 – With the easing of COVID-19 rules, locals can finally look forward to catching up with loved ones during the Mid-Autumn Festival like the good old days. Popular homegrown artisanal bakery Whyzee is set to make this year’s celebration extra memorable with treats from its first-ever mooncake collection. Giving traditional classics a clever local spin, these mooncakes promise to bring a pleasant surprise to the table, demonstrating the brand’s flair for dreaming up artisanal bakes with eclectic flavours.

< >Surprise & Enjoyment In Every Bite

Nothing beats starting off a festive celebration with a bang. However, existing mooncake flavours in the market can get pretty dull and do little to tease jaded palates. Spice up this festive season with a Nonya Sambal Lotus Mooncake serving divine flavours. After the sweet taste in the first bite, a mild roasted nuttiness gradually comes through before the tangy and sweet spiciness from the sambal ends the gastronomic experience with a nice kick. This perfect blend of contrasting flavours gives this mooncake an addictively unique taste that comes alive on the palate.

For those who crave a snow skin mooncake that is lower in sugar content, Whyzee’s collection of Japanese-inspired snow skin mooncakes will hit all the right notes. The Premium Japanese Pure Black Sesame Mooncake comes as a nutty black sesame paste encased in soft, chewy skin. The decadent taste and fragrance of the sesame add richness to the filling and reduce the need for sugar to be used to boost the flavour. This harmonious combination is bound to please children and adults alike.

Delight in the burst of intensely rich, earthy flavours with the Premium Uji Matcha Green Tea Mooncake. Made with exquisite premium matcha leaves from Japan, it gives this mooncake a refined, silky texture that melts in the mouth. Boasting the refreshing mellow taste characteristic of Uji matcha, it is not to be missed for tea aficionados.

Prefer a richly moist snow skin mooncake with the perfect fusion of aromas and textures? Turn to the Premium Japanese Pure Custard Mooncake. Wrapped within the milky layers is a rich, creamy custard paste that is neither too sweet nor cloying and is sure to appeal to all palates. Or, reminisce about past reunions with loved ones over tea and a classic Pure White Lotus Mooncake. This perennial favourite is available with single yolk and double yolk. The best-selling Signature Assorted Flavours Mooncake set is also available for those torn between choices. Shoppers can pick four favourite mooncakes for each set.

Guilt-free Indulgence

All mooncakes from Whyzee are made with 50% reduced sugar and no preservatives. Fans of the classic lotus mooncake can look forward to the Traditional Emerald Pure Pandan Mooncake, a healthier rendition of this all-time favourite. The natural sweetness of the pandan infused reduces the amount of processed sugar used in the filling, making it a healthier substitute that allows even the conscious eater to dig in with ease. The fragrant aroma of the pandan also packs the dense paste with flavour, ensuring that taste is not compromised.

Shoppers can enjoy same-day delivery of Whyzee’s mooncakes, each accompanied with a complimentary card for those who want to leave a message for loved ones. Order these mooncakes online and cart out with a 30% early bird promotion till 5 September 2022.

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