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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 3 August 2022 – EMMAS Australia mattress cordially invites Ian Chan and Jeremy Lau from popular boyband MIRROR to take part in the latest “Dream Australia” campaign, escorting us on a dreamy journey in Australia’s fairyland in search for creative inspiration to boldly pursue their dreams.

Full version Commercial: has always committed to the vision of “Feel Home, Sleep Premium”, with strong belief that only “home” can bring the most intimate and comfortable temperature to freely imagine your dreams. Considering overwhelming work everyday, Ian and Jeremy cherish the quality of sleep, and the choice of mattress is therefore crucial. Made in Australia, EMMAS’s signature Jimboomba is a hypoallergenic and spinal care pocket coil mattress, naturally becoming them perfect partner for a great night’s sleep.Combining Aesthetic and Functional BeautyFeaturing natural Australian wool cotton layers, Jimboomba enables you to feel warm in winter and cool in summer, while highly breathable latex can better adjust heat dissipation based on sleeping environment and body temperature, and create a fresh, comfy sleep experience all night long.What’s more, the advanced Pocket Coil 3-Zone Technology precisely supports the weight of the head, body and legs, and closely conforms to the body curves, allowing one to truly relax during deep sleep. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the vibration when your sleeping partner turns around for an undisturbed sleep.Jimboomba is also certified by the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong (CDAHK) and the Sensitive Choice from National Asthma Council of Australia (NACA). In addition, the Ultrashield Treatment provides extra protection from mould, bacteria and dust mites. Even people with asthma or allergies can enjoy a carefree night despite your skin comes into close contact with the mattress every night.Jimboomba exudes aesthetic and functionality beauty from inside out, allowing you to enjoy premium sleep at all times, feeling every sense of body temperature and embracing every moment of life.Online Mattress Pairing & Personalized In-Store AppointmentIn order to meet the specific needs of different customers, EMMAS provides an array of over 15 mattresses with various softness and thickness to choose from. Online mattress pairing service is currently available, with just a few simple questions, you can find your most suitable mattress, alongside one-stop in-store appointment experience in just a few clicks!Start mattress pairing now: In-store Appointment: Advantage of CVS Offer to Start a Dreamy Journey with Ian & JeremyEMMAS Australia is going to launch an exciting Triple Privilege Offer with consumption voucher in August 2022. All mattresses are discounted from 50% off, with an extra 5% off on all orders, while selected mattresses (including Australian hypoallergenic mattresses Manbarra, Banks and Restone) can enjoy double privileges. Act fast and get up to $3,000 of premium bedding set with purchase of any Australian Hypoallergenic Mattress during the promotion period!Visit more than 25 EMMAS stores in Hong Kong or explore EMMAS online store at more: Facebook: Instagram: #EMMAS – Published and distributed with permission of