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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 25 July 2022 – Hong Kong’s unique advantages and conducive business environment are extremely lucrative for foreign businesses and entrepreneurs. Setting up a private limited company in Hong Kong opens the door to endless opportunities in China and the Asia-Pacific region, but the process is often arduous for enterprises unless they partner with an experienced consultancy to help lay down the groundwork. Premia TNC, a one-stop consultancy and service provider for business incorporation, accounting, and trading services, is gaining widespread recognition for its recent success in helping foreign enterprises establish their grounds in Hong Kong.In a recent operation, Premia TNC helped a cosmetic enterprise from the UK register a limited company in Hong Kong and obtain a business bank account at OCBC. Utilizing exclusive resources and expertise, Premia TNC’s experienced consultation team successfully helped the client explore and establish strategic business partnerships with suppliers in China and cut down significant operational costs and tax expenses.”Compared to the UK’s intricate companies act and high tax rates, Hong Kong’s simplified company incorporation procedure allows foreign enterprises who successfully open a business account here to immediately enjoy the same financial benefits and low tax rates of a local company,” said Managing Director, Kelvin spokesperson for Premia TNC’s Hong Kong Office. “The city’s business-friendly tax regime, along with its stable economy, strong workforce, and well-established legal system make it the perfect destination for international businesses that want to expand into Asia.”While it has become increasingly difficult to open a business account at a local bank in Hong Kong, Premia TNC continues to help foreign companies speed through the registration processes and obtain their local accounts in the shortest possible time. For international businesses, saving time on these arduous procedures means they can kick start their plans in Asia ahead of time and gain a decisive edge over their competitors.”Our experts use their extensive experience and knowledge to help clients make the right decisions when it comes to their incorporation. We help clients review their documents and prepare for their interviews with local banks. We also provide a set of Certified Incorporation documents that significantly improves their chances of getting a swift approval and look over every aspect of their application with extreme attention to detail.” said Managing Director, Kelvin. “We navigate the complex and arduous process of corporate incorporation and account registration for our clients so they can focus on expanding their business and exploring new potential markets.”Premia TNC’s experienced consultant team and their expansive network across Singapore, Korea, and other major markets in Asia empower foreign enterprises to not only establish themselves in Hong Kong, but expand into other countries within the Asia-Pacific region. Startups and entrepreneurs with the ambition to dominate Asia will be excited by the convenience and comprehensiveness that Premia TNC’s services provide.Hashtag: #PremiaTNCThe issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.
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