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Lead sponsorship voices firm commitment to nurturing Web3 talents and promoting blockchain education in Singapore
SINGAPORE – News Direct – 19 July 2022 – ChainUp Group, a blockchain technology solutions provider, today announced its sponsorship of Morpheus Labs’ Web3 Sandbox Hackathon in Singapore. The event is the year’s most prominent blockchain hackathon and will take place from 20 – 28 July 2022 in conjunction with Singapore Blockchain Week, organized by the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS).At the same time, the company also announced it has joined the BAS. As part of its mission to promote blockchain adoption and drive industry development, ChainUp is stepping up efforts to build a resilient and robust blockchain ecosystem in Singapore, Asia’s top cryptocurrency hub. In joining BAS, ChainUp will be part of the blockchain community in Singapore to engage other industry players to collectively propel the growth of the industry in the region and beyond.ChainUp’s investment in the hackathon marks its significant commitment to not only build infrastructure that connects the digital marketplace with Web3 technology, but also raise the capacities of the global developer community by engaging promising young talent. The Web3 Sandbox Hackathon will bring together thousands of developers worldwide under a common vision of blockchain utility and promoting the future of Web3 technologies.“Web3 is undoubtedly the future of digital. As lead sponsor of the Web3 Sandbox Hackathon, we are engaging the community at the grassroots level by championing the success of our upcoming Web3 developers. This hackathon offers a timely opportunity for us to discover inventive solutions to real-life business challenges and uncover new talents to grow together with us. By working with Morpheus Labs and joining the Blockchain Association Singapore, we are showcasing our commitment to invest in and support the blockchain infrastructure development and the building of the wider ecosystem”, said Jeff Mei, Chief Marketing Officer of ChainUp.The reality of achieving new possibilities with Web3 technologies has become more tangible than ever, as the digital marketplace becomes increasingly interconnected. This hackathon is expected to attract over 1,000 attendees, and more than 500 investors, venture capitalists, and blockchain media personnel. The quest for innovation continues with insights from industry experts and the latest developments in the Web3 space.“This hackathon is a brilliant showcase of some of the world’s brightest developers in the blockchain. And even more than that, it is also a designated space for innovation that will set the tone for the future of Web3 technologies,” said Morpheus Labs CEO, Chuang Pei Han. “We’re pleased to be supported by ChainUp in this endeavor. Their long-term dedication to supporting ecosystem readiness for the adoption of blockchain resonates deeply with what we’re aiming for with Web 3 Sandbox Hackathon.”During the Web3 Sandbox Hackathon, ChainUp will also be participating in a panel discussion and industrial sharing to share practical insights into the crucial role of blockchain in Web3 development. For more information about Web3 Sandbox Hackathon, please refer to this link.Hashtag: #ChainUp
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