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Source: WarkWorthWeb for Kelray Heating.

Kelray Heating, an Auckland-based manufacturer of infrared heaters, has expanded its business into Canada. For over thirty years, Kelray has provided outdoor heating solutions to Kiwi homeowners and business owners, earning a solid local reputation for the longevity of their infrared heaters.

The only domestically produced outdoor heaters in New Zealand, Kelray Heaters, were developed expressly with the New Zealand climate in mind.

Director Clive Menkin explains that the coastal environment setting in the majority of New Zealand’s major centres is distinctive. “The coast is never too far away – no matter where you live in the country.”

Because of this, New Zealand has unusually salty air, which is detrimental to outdoor goods, especially appliances. Kelray’s range of infrared electric heaters are the first outdoor heaters produced with marine-grade 316 stainless steel and designed specifically to survive this harsher setting.

Menkin says, “We found that Canadians were having issues that were comparable to what we saw here in New Zealand.” “Outdoor heaters that were just unable to withstand their surroundings.”

“Many outdoor heating systems are made of lower-grade stainless steel, which, while it may be adequate for locations with more moderate climates, is poorly suited for marine situations.”

Many of the major cities on the East Coast of Canada and in British Columbia are located near the coast, where the atmospheric conditions are like that of New Zealand. However, other factors contributed to Kelray’s decision to enter the Canadian market as well.

According to Menkin, “Canada is a fantastic fit for us since not only are the weather similar, but the coastal Canadian lifestyle is extremely similar to that of Kiwis.”

“Being outside and enjoying nature are shared passions both Kiwis and Canadians. Canadians enjoy socialising outside much like Kiwis do. For both home and businesses owners, there is a pressing need for a better-quality outdoor heating solution.”

Kelray Heating launched their website for their Canadian outdoor infrared heaters in early 2022.  The heaters are shipping from New Zealand and assembled in their Canadian facility. . All Kelray products are covered by a five-year warranty, the longest warranty for an outdoor infrared heater.