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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Hansard

CHRISTOPHER LUXON (Leader of the Opposition): On behalf of Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition, it’s a pleasure to join with the Prime Minister in celebrating the remarkable reign of the Queen of New Zealand, Elizabeth II, and join all the Commonwealth nations that celebrated her platinum jubilee this past weekend.

For seven decades the Queen’s unflinching dignity, compassion, and selflessness has given the Commonwealth a sense of security. The strength and stability of Her Majesty’s reign has been a reassuring anchor in uncertain and changing times. Through both the tumultuous and the good, the Queen’s leadership has embodied the values of duty, commitment, and strength over a lifetime of public service.

This weekend’s celebrations have shown the extraordinary affection for Her Majesty held by millions of people across the globe. A personal highlight for me from the weekend was that at 96 years old, the Queen took part in a light-hearted moment that brought laughter to the world, banging a teaspoon and cup to the beat of “We Will Rock You”.

On behalf of the New Zealand National Party, I congratulate Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of New Zealand, and I echo the words of Paddington Bear: happy jubilee, ma’am, and thank you for everything.