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Source: Media Outreach

JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – 4 April 2022 – After three years of relative isolation, the villagers of Nangela Village, Tegalbuleud District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java, now have a bridge. This now allows them to safely cross over the CIrcurug River, granting them access to the city centre. By providing the village community with access to social, economic and educational activities, the bridge has the potential to transform the lives of residents living here.

Gunung Prisma collaborates with the Sehati Gerak Bersama Sukabumi Foundation to build a bridge that allows villagers of Nangela Village to cross the Cicurug River. Such a bridge provides the villagers access to essential public amenities, such as the city’s hospital.

Global steel distribution company, Gunung Prisma, headed by Liwa Supriyanti, collaborated with the Sehati Gerak Bersama Sukabumi Foundation to aid in this bridge building project. It procured and distributed the building materials and other infrastructure required to build the bridge.Uplifting the Lives of Nangela VillagersPrior to the construction of the bridge, villagers could only access the city by wading through the water to cross to the other side of the riverbank. At low tide – where the river is at a depth of 50cm – crossing over might still be possible. However, when it rains heavily and floods, the water level of the Cicurug River reaches the height of an adult’s chest – becoming dangerously high. This makes it impossible to cross the river.”Some of the villagers were very sick, but we had to wait several hours for the river’s water levels to go down before we could safely cross over to the other side,” one of the villagers recounted.With the inauguration of the bridge, the lives of villagers do not need to be determined by the changing levels of the river. All five hamlets of Nangela Village – Salaeurih, Cikupa, Cikuya, Sukaskirna, and Caringin – can now access the city’s schools, hospitals and other public amenities. Additionally, it opens up opportunities of enterprise for the villagers. Nangela’s natural resources of cardamom can now be more easily transported and traded.Gunung Prisma Bridges the DivideAs a steel distribution company, Gunung Prisma is perfectly positioned to contribute to a social project such as this one. But it does so also because the director of its company, Liwa Supriyanti, is a strong supporter of social responsibility and social development. By tapping on the network and resources her company provides, she can significantly contribute to the community.”So we hope that with the construction of the bridge, the social and economic level of the community can increase. We are happy to share and care for the community,” said Liwa.Chairman of the Joint Sukabumi Sehati Gerak Foundation, Andri Kurniawan, also appreciates the assistance of Gunung Prisma. According to Andri, this assistance has provided invaluable benefits to the community.”That’s why we are very grateful. Moreover, Gunung Prisma has provided infrastructure assistance several times in Sukabumi. Hopefully this involvement sets an example for other companies,” said Andri.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. – Published and distributed with permission of