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Source: Auckland Council

Recent storm events that bought flash flooding to the Auckland region are a timely reminder that the likelihood is high of more of these events occurring as we move towards winter.

Auckland Council offers guidance to reduce the risk of flooding on your property, especially those that have a stream running through them.

“Storms and the associated flooding can be unpredictable and happen quickly so it’s advisable to carry out regular maintenance when it’s safe to do so and prepare for a potential flood in order to protect your belongings, family, pets and livestock,” says Healthy Waters general manager Craig McIlroy.

“By keeping your gutters, downpipes and grates in your driveway clear from debris like leaves, branches and rubbish, you will reduce the flooding risk,” he adds.

If you have a stream running through your property, it’s important this is kept clear of blockages to avoid flooding on your or your neighbour’s property.”

Tips to prepare for a storm:

  • Clear out gutters of debris
  • Clear drains, cesspits, and grates
  • Bring pets inside and move livestock to higher ground
  • Keep streams free from rubbish and obstructions like garden waste, fallen trees and pest plants that stop their flow
  • Report fallen trees, blocked drains or debris on public property to Auckland Council on 09 301 0101.

 General maintenance tips to reduce flood risk on properties with streams:

  • Regularly check your stream for debris that may affect its flow and remove obstructions – private companies are available if it is unsafe for you to do this
  • Plant the banks of your steam with native plants that lay flat in a storm to strengthen them and reduce erosion
  • Fence the stream for safety and to prevent livestock eroding the stream banks – use a fence type that allows water to flow through instead of creating a barrier

From your garden to the sea

Remember all streams eventually flow to the sea. Anything that goes into your steam may flow down to neighbouring properties and then onto your local beach.

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